Floor Line Striping & Direction

Professional Line Striping Services

Paint Platoon USA provides a wide range of line striping, operational flow and direction services. We apply floor striping for new warehouse or factory locations, as well as remove old worn striping and reapply line striping for warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and other commercial and industrial facilities in need of reapplication or layout modifications.

  • Identifying safe walk ways and cross walks

  • Establishing routes for fork lift and vehicle traffic

  • Marking specific areas for the placement of containers, boxes, and other finished go

  • Creating safe work environments

Regular removal and reapplication of new coats of line striping paint helps keep your facility looking well cared for and maintained. This service can be combined with other solutions, such as warehouse repainting, to help improve the long-term wear-ability of your structures and floors. You may also want to consider concrete polishing to increase the reflection of light off the floor and concrete sealing.

Getting old line striping paint removed from commercial or industrial floors can be difficult if you do not use the correct equipment or processes. Paint Platoon USA has unique methods designed to deliver the results you require. No matter how complex the job, we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to do it right.


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